Top 10 Most Popular Divine Tracks of All Time

Harris Glenn Milstead goes by his drag queen name Divine. After playing character roles of females on stage and in films, Harris thought to take on the female drag character while singing. He was an actor and singer while he played a drag queen in gay clubs. He laid the foundation for the counterculture in films and the characters he played in them. And for establishing a drag collective, he is considered a cult figure in the LGBT community.

Check out top 10 best Divine songs of all time:

1. Shake It Up

2. Shoot Your Shot

3. Love Reaction

4. You Think You’re A Man

5. Native Love (Step By Step)

6. I’m So Beautiful

7. You Think You’re a Man-7” Mix

8. Walk Like A Man (Remix)

9. Native Love (Step By Step) – Original Mix

10. Shoot Your Shot

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