Top 10 Most Popular Ana Victoria Tracks of All Time

With a background in the act of singing for her musician parents, Latin American pop star, Ana Victoria set out to pursue her individual career as a young adult. The Argentinian entertainer, who is also a regional Grammy nominee has released noteworthy records, including her three major studio albums, and over half a score singles.

Check out top 10 best Ana Victoria songs of all time:

1. Luz

2. Simplemente Amor

3. Siempre Pude Ver

4. Yo No Lloro Por Llorar

5. Si Manana No Me Ves

6. Mi Buen Corazón (Versión Bachata)

7. Yo Lo Quiero Tanto (Del Álbum Orgánico)

8. Pideme

9. Yo No Lloro Por Llorar

10. P.D. Te Amo

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